Anatomy Trains in Motion

Early Bird 10%Anatomy Trains in Motion is an in-depth 3-day course for movement and bodywork professionals who love integral anatomy and body-minded exercise applications that relate to real-life in all of its dimensions.

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Since the course is hold in english all information is also in english. Vi har en svensk assistent på kursen så möjlighet till muntlig översättning finns.

Kursen passar för; massageterapeuter, personliga tränare, naprapater, kiropraktorer, osteopater eller fysioterapeuter, pilateslärare, yogalärare.

This resource-oriented education focuses on the qualities of Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept that enhance everyday functionality and vitality as well as somatic resourcefulness; therefore self-healing.

The integral anatomy of the myofascial meridians is explained in interactive lectures and experienced through body-minded movementapplications. For a clear comprehension of the structural and functional aspects, anatomical structures are discussed individually and as part of a myofascial meridian that shapes posture, movement and how we feel about the body.

To further connect anatomy and function, science-informed fascial qualities are exemplified and embodied with deliberate exercise examples throughout the course. In a unique way, Anatomy Trains in Motion directly links the anatomy of the myofascial meridians with the essential events of walking and body-minded movement training.

Because we want to foster independent thinking and individualized learning, we encourage an inquisitive mind and facilitate understanding through movement explorations.

Concluding the course, you will have a clear understanding of why the myofascial meridians are defined the way they are and why the Anatomy Trains concept is of immense value for all body-minded movement methods that aim for structural integrity.

Anatomy Trains in Motion is a self-contained course that is also the first module of the Slings Myofascial TrainingÒdiploma education.

Kursen är framtagen av Karin Gurtner, Art of Motion. Se mer här.

Läs mer om kurserna Slings Essentials och Slings in Motion I här.

Nästa tillfälle 2020-05-29 Stockholm, Axelsons Institute
Från 7 700 SEK inkl moms
3 dagar