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Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion Blend is a rich course for movement and bodywork professionals who want to understand fascia in motion comprehensively.

The first 3 days revolve all around fascia, its properties, its role in movement and how to train fascia consciously with a diverse and body-minded strategy.

The other 3 days are filled with a broad spectrum of diverse exercises and movement sequences for all the myofascial slings. In combination with Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials, Slings in Motion Blend forms a well-rounded education package that gives you the theoretical and practical understanding for a deliberate, fascia-focused movement practice.

Since the courses is taught in english all the information is written in english. We will have an assistant that speaks swedish.

The course begins with the functional definition of fascia, 4 movement relevant differentiations within the fascial system and the 6 guiding principles of the Slings Myofascial Training education.

12 science-informed fascial qualities form the main part of the education. Metaphorically speaking, they are the defined, yet interconnected elements that create the tensegral structure of Slings Essentials. Derived from the fascial qualities are 12 myofascial training techniques and 12 overarching training aims, which are also covered in the course.

In a series of interactive lectures, each fascial quality is discussed from the perspective of science, movement in general and Slings Myofascial Training specifically. Engaging demonstrations, illustrative examples and practical applications make the lectures memorable and practise-relevant.

Contrasting Slings in Motion master classes are woven into the course to deepen the embodiment of the discussed fascial qualities, myofascial training techniques and training aims.

Because knowledge propagates questions, Slings Essentials is a thought-provoking course that at the same time gives you sound information about fascia in motion and clear answers to why we train fascia the way we do.

The know-how attained in Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials serves as the basis for the Slings in Motion repertoire courses.

As a result of taking this course, you will:

  • Know the functional definition of fascia and understand the reasons for it.
  • Know 4 main specializations within the fascial system and understand their practical relevance.
  • Understand the 6 guiding principles of the Slings Myofascial Training education and their relevance for a fascia-focussed training.
  • Know the defined 12 fascial qualities, their relevance for movement in general and Slings Myofascial Training specifically.
  • Understand that the fascial qualities are interconnected like all systems in the body.
  • Understand how the 12 myofascial training techniques and 12 training aims relate to the 12 fascial qualities.
  • Experience the fascial qualities and training techniques with Slings in Motion exercises, movement sequences and master classes.
  • Experience the effects of Slings Myofascial Training.
  • Understand the value of training fascia consciously in a diverse and body-minded manner.

Building on the foundational content covered in Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials, Slings in Motion Blend features:

  • Movements for all myofascial meridians.
  • Exercises that utilize and enhance all of the fascial movement qualities.
  • Differentiated and integrated exercises in all body positions.
  • Slow and deep, dynamic and rhythmic, stimulating and invigorating, as well as mellow and melting exercises with and without massage props.

Each exercise is experienced and discussed in terms of:

  • Movement execution.
  • Myofascial anatomy.
  • Myofascial training techniques.
  • The use and benefits of props. Purposeful sequencing.
  • Short-term and long-term exercise aims.

The repertoire is complemented and connected with a seamless SynerChi Flow sequence, which is also practiced and discussed in detail.

To deepen the embodiment of the exercises and for personal experience, daily Slings in Motion master classes are part of the course.

Concluding the training, you will have a comprehensive selection of multidimensional exercises that can be incorporated into a wide variety of movement modalities or to enrich bodywork.


Slings Essentials: Anatomy trains in motion

Slings Blend: Anatomy trains in motion och Slings Essentials

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Slings Essentials

Massageterapeut, personlig tränare, naprapat, kiropraktor, osteopat, fysioterapeut, pilateslärare, yogalärare eller motsvarande anatomi- och fysiologikunskaper.

Förkunskapskrav för
Slings Blend

Anatomy Trains in Motion och Slings Essentials

Muriel Morwitzer

Known to most as Mumu, is the Senior Educator and Managing Director of art of motion academy® Australia, a renowned training organization for Contemporary Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training based in Switzerland and Australia, which was founded by Karin Gurtner.

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